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Fear Itself #3: Captain America may be dead...again?

In the last few weeks, the rumors have been percolating that Captain America, currently identified as the Bucky Barnes, might be killed in Fear Itself #3, which released on June 1st, 2011. While unfortunate, this is not a great surprise. The original Captain America, Steve Rogers, has always been the favorite persona handling the shield and makes complete sense to create an opening and let him take the star-spangled role back.

And apparently, that rumor has now been verified. At least, it appears to be verified.

Don't worry, I'm not suggesting a conspiracy or anything; on the last pages of FI #3, it's clear to everyone that the Red Skull's daughter, Sin (now transformed into one of The Worthy, named Skadi), has struck a fatal wound -- an enlarged hole -- in the chest of Captain America. In other words: he looks dead to me!

Dead enough that Steve Rogers may be picking up that patriotic shield by the next issue...

...Oh wait! That's just in time for Captain America: The First Avenger movie! How ironic!

Fear Itself is a major Marvel Publisher's comic book event that started in April 2011 and will run with numerous Tie-ins. If you're interested, you can follow the plots, comments, and reading order at Fear Itself, sponsored by The Superheroes List.

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