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There's a Storm brewing: Marvel's #7 Hottest Lady Mutant

After the original X-Men had parted ways, Professor X was determined to continue his legacy, training mutants far and wide to use their extraordinary abilities for the betterment of mankind. In Giant-Sized X-Men #1 (1975), that dream came true, adorned and represented in the enchanting figure of Ororo Munroe, a beautiful blue-eyed, white-haired descendent of an African priestess and Kenyan tribe.

Already having a great deal of mastery over her powers, Ororo adopted the code-name "Storm" for her talent in controlling sheets of rain, driving fog, and the furious forms of weather at her behest. More...

Ororo Munroe, Storm, arrives at #7 in Marvel's Top 10 Hottest Lady Mutants, a weekly countdown all the way to #1. If you like superheroes with an interesting twist of commentaries and comparisons, check out The Superheroes List.

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