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The Mind is a Terrible Thing...To Waste! Marvel's #5 Hottest Mutant Lady

When we first learned of Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock, she was a gifted telepath and fraternal twin to Captain Britain, the hero of the British Isles, living the typical life of the Maldon, Essex commoner. Originally, she was very proper and tame as far as head-strong super-heroic women go; her upbringing put her in more of a supportive role (reading minds and sensing the future, i.e. the powers of a precognitive).

But little did Betsy know, her life and mutant abilities would radically change - way more than the typical homo superior - into a vixen of deadly potency and execution. Adopting the name Psylocke, she extended her background, encompassing that of a fully trained ninja, mastering assassination. More...

If you're a big fan of Psylocke, take a look at X-Men: Psylocke, a paperback comprised of her 4-issue mini-series which also features X-Men issues #156-158.

Mainly focused on the quest to regain her original body from the Ninja clan known as "The Hand", it also features a few issues of Psylocke in her earlier years, giving you a taste of true powers and skills. It also gives you a clue into her origin.

Counting down from #10 to #1, Psylocke hits Marvel's Top 10 Hottest Mutant Ladies at the #5 spot. This means there's only four more contestants to go! This is a topic provided by The Superheroes List. If you're you're interested in mutants, or just want to see some cool looking ladies, Check out this List!

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