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DC Cancellations and The Second Wave

DC Comics announced earlier this month that they would be cancelling some of their titles, spiraling directly out from The New 52, but did you know they are also preparing for The Second Wave?

Here's what you need to know:

Blackhawks are going to be grounded.
Hawk and Dove had their wings clipped
Men of War will be M.I.A.
Mr. Terrific, shut down.
O.M.A.C. will be offline.
Static Shock has been canned. Writer John Rozum has listed a lengthy blog post telling you his side of the story.

These issues, 3 of which center around ethnic minority based characters, will end with issue #8 (April). DC has reported that their sales were just not good enough and they had to go.

In exchange, here comes the DC Second Wave; this is what they'll be offering starting May:

Batman Incorporated, with Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham. This title will center on the Batman crime-fighters and use Damian Wayne as part of the plot. (In the Batman  and Robin series, Damian is constantly being influenced to go bad.) It also suggest that Talia al Ghul will play an important role.

Dial H, with China MiƩville and Mateus Santoluoco. a.k.a. "Dial H for Hero". This promises to be an interesting endeavor into comics with people who suddenly gain super powers, even if only for a day or so.

Earth 2, with James Robinson and Nicola Scott. This is the parallel earth that focuses on the team of The Justice Society.

G.I. Combat, with J.T. Krul and Ariel Olivetti.This title will incorporate all their soldier of war themes and include appearances by the newly vamped Sgt. Rock. Will also include stories from The War That Time Forgot, The Unknown Soldier, The Haunted Tank.

The Ravagers, with Howard Mackie and Ian Churchill. This will be a spin off from the Teen Titans and Superboy, and centers around four heroes that the bad guys want to turn into villains.

World's Finest, with Paul Levitz, George Perez, and Kevin Maguire. But it won't be with Batman and Superman. This time it's all about the ladies: The Huntress and Power Girl. It will be interesting to see how this duo plays out.

Something That Might Interest You: Power Girl & Huntress: Legacy Statue

Sculpted by Tony Cipriano, these two heroines are coming up features in World's Finest. Although she's hardly a figure of light, Power Girl represents the bright side of this super duo, while Huntress encapsulates the darkness.

There are striking similarities between this female team and the original one of Superman and Batman.

Together for the first time in a DC Direct statue, this limited-edition, hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain statue measures approximately 11.75" tall x 6.5" wide x 5.5" deep. Includes a certificate of authenticity and is packaged in a 4-color box. This limited edition statue is manufactured to order.

Just to let you know, almost anything for Power Girl sells quickly, but raises in price after it sells out. If you're a collector, don't pass this up.

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