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Ghost Rider Villain #8: Centurius

In the first run of the Ghost Rider series, (Ghost Rider, Volume 1, issues #1-81, 1972, see Special Notes), the Rider was Johnny Blaze, a stunt-driver who had made a "deal with the devil" in exchange for saving the life of his step-father, "Crash" Simpson. It later turned out to be a bad move; Johnny, we learned, was infused with a powerful entity known as Zarathos, capable of taking over his physical form and controlling hellfire. Why do you need to know this? Because it's fundamental in understanding his next greatest villain, the man who nearly killed the demon. Read More...

Centurius is number 8 on The Top 10 Villains of Ghost Rider. This is an article of The Spirit of Vengeance's most memorable bad guys, sponsored by The Superheroes List, as we get ready for the new Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance movie. If you like this kind of stuff, Check out the List! 

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