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Premonition of Galactus

 ~Fantastic Four #602

Devourer of Worlds, he is Galactus, and has threatened our planet since 1966 when he first appeared in Fantastic Four #48. (Special thanks: Doug who found my error with Galactus' first appearance and provided the correct data.) It's been a rocky road since then, but Reed Richards has managed to keep this omega-level threat at bay for many years through trickery and careful tactics.

The panel you're seeing above is only one part of the great story that's unfolding in Fantastic Four #602. Galactus knows something; he's seen the future and has been anticipating this moment. If you buy this comic book and read the next panel, you'll have incredible insight to the incredible battle that's about to transpire.

Things are different this time. The presence of Galactus is needed for what's about to come.

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  1. Galactus first appeared in FF #48, in 1966. Other than that, the image you post is a pretty cool rendering of the Big G!


  2. Doug, thanks for finding that error and I appreciate you giving me the heads up. Thanks for keen eye; it's good to meet a true FF aficionado.