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VM: Beware The Keepers

~Green Lantern Corps #5 (2012)

Little did the the bearers of the rings of willpower know, their lanterns were being cultivated on a planet, secretly kept hidden by the Guardian of Oa. For an untold time, the people living there were changed, altered at the genetic level, to coincide with the emerald light.

And behold, the face of The Keepers, a race who's planet and people have been systematically dying once the Guardians took back the lanterns and broke their pact. They are like wounded animals, caring little for the existence of others. Now, with nothing to lose, they have begun a path of devastation through the galaxy, all in the name of hate.

The Keepers have been the primary villains since the beginning of the Green Lantern Corps series which started during The New 52.

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