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Ghost Rider Villain #5: Blackout and Deathwatch

When the second incarnation of the Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch, became a Spirit of Vengeance, he encountered two super-powered enemies which would appear time and time again during his adventures. They were the most ruthless of his foes, hounding him at every step, and it all started in Ghost Rider #1 and #2(1990) when the duo of Blackout and Deathwatch butted heads with our hero. Read More.

Recommended: Ghost Rider: Blackout, 5" Poseable Action Figure with Vampire Attack Action and Glow-in-the-Dark Feature

Because of the Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance movie, this 5" Blackout figure is becoming harder to find. (If you follow the link, however, this one can be located as well as the Zarathos and the Johnny Blaze figure.

It's fully poseable and can serve two functions: if, for some reason, your child has an interest in scary-looking vampires, Blackout glows in the dark and appears as one of the creatures of the undead. Other than that, he's also a collectible and part of a set of three.

Keep your eye out in 2012 as more Ghost Rider collectibles and movie gear become available.

Blackout and Deathwatch are two villains that have worked side by side against the Ghost Rider since the beginning; now they appear as #5 on The Top 10 Villains of Ghost Rider, a countdown list sponsored by The Superheroes List. And if you're waiting for a good flame-headed fight to numero uno, keep following and Check out the List!

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