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SF: Who Invited YOU?

~Green Lantern: New Guardians #005 (2012)

Kyle Rayner has been on a fantastic adventure since Green Lantern: New Guardians released with The New 52 in 2011. The only problem is his team; half of them want to kill the other half and the ones who are minding their manners are practically insane.

Blue, red, yellow ring-bearers? That's no problem for a Green Lantern. Now if he could just figure out how to get the Orange Lantern's avatar to behave.

The entire series has been very interesting and involves a set of predetermined behaviors; since each ring color is associated with an emotion, there becomes an immediate set of conflicts and dynamics throughout. But it worth it. I recommend checking out Green Lantern: New Guardians if you get a chance; it's still in it's early stages and you won't miss much.

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