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John Constantine: The World's Worst Detective

~Justice League Dark #6 (2012)

The crass Englishman, rude and to the point; that's how we know John Constantine. He's never been one for subtlety, but here in the Justice League Dark series, we're also getting a glimpse of his (less than) endearing character. Once again, trying to show his prowess, he's sputtering nonsense while drunk. This time, to Boston Brand, aka Deadman.

In this issue, John is having nightmares which appear disturbingly real, but he's not alone; he's one of a small cast of unique individuals being brought together under the guise of destiny . Their special abilities suit them for threats of a magical nature. Besides the two previously mentioned, Zatanna, Rac Shade The Changing Man, and Madame Xanadu are all hosts to the adventures of this strangely malformed, but somehow functioning team.

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