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Mobius is WANTED!


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Analysis: Michael Morbius, now freed during the preceding issues of Spider-Man, attempts to regain some semblance of life. He hates what he has become and ends up in Brownsville, New York during his adventure.

Optional Amazing Spider-Man #699.1 (There are no chronological markers in this issue. Although not officially part of the Marvel NOW! event, this issue starts with Michael Morbius breaking out of prison. It then goes into his past, becoming friends with "Emil", and the both of them working on a Nobel-based prize from research that will cure his blood disease. Michael, however, is impatient and forces his friend to test the cure on him, turning him into a living vampire. He turns and feeds on his friend, killing him in the process. At the end of the story, Michael has decided to flee into the mysterious unknown and a new title that will be called Morbius #1.)

Morbius, The Living Vampire #1 (Follows ASM #700, where his origin and prison breakout are explained. The story of Michael Morbius starts off with the many truths, lies, and myths about his vampire-like powers. We then learn that to avoid super-heroes, he takes the subway to Brownsville, where he walks the street homeless. Basically, everyone there, including cops, ignores the crime. That's when Michael meets Noah St. Germain, a sort of "Boss" or Bully of the thugs in the town. From the beginning to the end of the issue, Michael tussles with this figure until he's shot in the chest and expected to die.)
Morbius The Living Vampire #2 (Continues from Morbius #1. Michael comes to after having been mortally wounded. But then, he isn't mortal in the truest sense. He meets Becky, a homeless that helps him move to an abandoned theatre, and relates the story of how he ended up tusseling with Noah. Becky takes Morbius to Noah's hideout and they go at it again, all to save a young boy from being inducted into the gang. And although Noah has heightened strength, Michael finally unleashes his bloodlust and slashes his throat.)
Morbius The Living Vampire #3 (Resumes from the previous issue immediately. While Noah lays dying, his girlfriend goes berserk; she orders them to kill him, finally shooting Michael in the neck herself. But he survives and awakens, chained upside down. Becky and the boy, Henry, have escaped in the confusion, but Noah's girlfriend has a tail on them. Michael buys his freedom, proclaiming he can help Noah because he was a medical doctor. She warns him and lets him attempt to save her boyfriend's life. During the process, it appears Noah might make it, but suddenly he awakens and goes berserk. Michael shoves him down while flailing, and appears to kill him outright. And now his girlfriend is really mad.)
Morbius The Living Vampire #4 (Resumes from Morbius #3 immediately. Having enough of playing with mortals, Michael disarms Noah's girlfriend and bites her gunman. She then warns him about the truth behind Brownsville; it's a staging ground for crime waves and has been fought over for years. Noah's origin is also part of this issue; his original name was David Brill when he was rolled and "upgraded" at a place called the North Brother Island by a mysterious benefactor. This turns out to be a super-villain called The Rose, who secretly manipulated Morbius' arrival in the town. He plans on using Michael for his schemes. Meanwhile, the fights have just gotten worse, with thugs of The Rose firing on them all and whisking Noah's body away.)
Morbius The Living Vampire #5 (Resumes from the previous issue. The Gang War has intensified and Micheal decides to "clean house". He goes in, feral, and incapacitates everyone, including Noah's former girlfriend. In the aftermath, the citizens of Brownville, now aware of his flavor of vampirism, bind the wounds of the victim, ensuring their survival. Micheal hears a gunshot and returns to the house to find The Rose. In his introduction, the super-villain explains his plans and Micheal's part; he then shoots our hero in the chest and reveals a picture of Micheal's mother...a bound captive that will be killed unless the vampire does what he says. Later, The Rose calls an investor and states that everything is going as planned; ironically the person on the other end appears to be Micheal's father.) 

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