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Captain America vs. Batman

What happens when America's Super Soldier meets The Dark Knight?

(Click here to see.)We always knew it would happen. One of these days someone was going to provide a true-to-life showdown of these comic book legends in all their gear.

And yes, if you've been to the forums, you've seen the speculations and all the jibber-jabber. I'm telling you that's not good enough here at The Superheroes List.

What it all boils down to is scenarios; on one field of battle, the contest may be in Batman's corner, but on another, Captain America shines like the star-spangled patriot he is. So here we go; if you really want to see what happens when the champion of Gotham City faces off against Dr. Erskine's finest specimen, you'll need to head over to the Captain America vs. Batman page.

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