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It's a Small World after all: DC's #2 Strangest Superhero

Most superheroes are notorious for coming to the rescue. It's typically part of the job; rescuing the innocent bystander, foiling the bank heist, usurper the evil villain's diabolical plot. But, guess what? That's not how it works for Mogo, one of DC's most unique, independent superheroes. And that's because he...she...or it, is a living planet.

Still, Mogo isn't just a living planet. Heck, that wouldn't be strange enough for creators Allan Moore and David Gibbons. He's also legendary Green Lantern, gifted with all their powers, and responsible for a great deal of their training and recreation. (Typical Green Lantern vacations end up on Mogo.) While his atmosphere can appear generalized, at a moments notice Mogo's equatorial center will sprout emerald foliage in the Green Lantern pattern.

While loyal to the Green Lantern Corp., most members understand that "Mogo doesn't socialize"; More...

Item of The Day: Blackest Night: Green Lantern Corps (Green Lantern (Graphic Novels))
If you're really interested in seeing how things are done when you're a Green Lantern, you should pick up Blackest Night: Green Lantern Corps. where the entire assembly on Oa has to face a near-extermination event wrapped in an enigmatic prophecy called The Blackest Night.

You can also find more information on The Blackest Night event here.

The Blackest Night is one of the premiere Green Lantern Stories, featuring, not only our Emerald Knight, but a vast array of superheroes within the DC Universe. In this title, you'll be encountering Guy Gardner, Jon Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and yes the legendary Hal Jordan as they work together to stop the coming of the Black Entity!

Mogo, The Living Planet rounds off the #2 spot on DC's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes, a TSL countdown list. If you like superheroes, super-villains and interesting articles on them, Check out the List!

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