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Multiple Identity Disorder? DC's #4 Strangest Superhero

Okay. Let's talk about secret identities. Most superheroes have them. Batman has Bruce Wayne, Superman has Clark Kent, and even Wonder Woman sometimes goes by the alias of Diana Prince (that's another strange story for another day). But have you ever been introduced to Firestorm, The Nuclear Man? Well, if you're a fan, then you know where this is going.

First appearing in Firestorm, The Nuclear Man #1, back in 1978, we were witness to one of the first superheroes, made up of two people. Somehow, during a nuclear explosion, the Firestorm matrix had been created, bonding teenager Ronnie Raymond and scientist Martin Stein. With Ronnie at the helm and Stein as a guiding consciousness, a new superhero was born with the ability to transmute the atomic composition of objects.

There was only one drawback, though; neither could become Firestorm without the other. And surprisingly, later on in Firestorm's career, it turned out that neither of them was needed. More...

Item of the Day: Mattel DC Universe Classics Firestorm Figure

Firestorm's original costume comes from back in the late 70's, when DC had their "explosion" of new titles. Below is DC Universe Action Figure that depicts how it looked back then. Lately, you'll notice that FIrestorm's colors are either muted or have some definition changes.

This Firestorm action figure stands 6 inches in height and has very good detail. It's also part of the "DC Universe Classic" series. If you're looking to get some of the heroes in their traditional costumes, this would be a great opportunity.

DC's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes is a weekly countdown list, sponsored by TSL. If you're a fan of DC Comics and like superheroes. Check out this list!

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