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Countdown: The Top 10 Greatest Flash Stories

Have you been following Flashpoint? Well maybe this List will interest you!

Updating every Friday, you should be able to check in and see The Top 10 Greatest Flash Stories ever told. Carefully read and handpicked, these are the best plots and storylines -- the ones that grabbed many a reader's interest and caused quite a bit of talk around the...Comic Book Shop! (Where else do we talk about our favorite comics?)

And, by the way, if you don't agree, feel free to submit your own pick. Ok. So, I've already started the countdown page here and have #9 and 10 up. Today I publically releasing the list plan on updating every 7 days.

Why this list: The beauty of The Flash is that his stories tend to push the imagination along the concepts of time. I mean, if you're no stranger to Barry Allen then you've probably met Bart, his 31st century distant relative, or maybe you've heard of the Cosmic Treadmilll, a device he uses to move around through the future and past. (Oh, and I forgot to mention, with the Flashpoint event, I thought people would like to know more about the Scarlet Speedster.)

This week's update is #9:

Erupting from Flash vol. 2, issues #197-200, The Blitz saga is a perfect blend of artwork and writing, making it worthy of one of the great Flash adventures as well as a perfect introductory tale for newly curious collector. In this story, Wally West faces an incredible nemesis in the guise of Professor Zoom, The Reverse-Flash. (For many Flash fans, Professor Zoom is a well-known and much loved threat to Wally's mentor, Barry Allen.)

But the problem here is that the super-villain wearing the yellow-threaded costume isn't Professor Zoom at all. More...

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