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Do I Need a Last Name? Marvel's #4 Greatest Barbarian

But what difference does it make--really--if you're a "Conqueror" or a "Destroyer"? Just as long as you've got Skull, or some variation in your first name; that's what qualifies you as a full-fledged barbarian.

Born from the creative imagination of Robert E. Howard, and later acquired by Marvel Comic Publishing for comics, Kull is actually best known as King Kull, the child, slave, then assassin-mercenary of the now long-lost empire of Atlantis, who later rose to take the throne of Valusia. Having one of the most deadly pasts of trials and passage by combat, he is clearly a barbarian through and through.

The original appearance of Kull to comics books started around the 70s with Kull The Conqueror #1(1973) which lasted for 10 issues. More...

Item of the Day: Kull the Conqueror

It's time for some barbarian action. And if you want to spice up your collection of gruesome blood-letters, you'll be needing this copy of Kull The Conqueror, a movie which was released in 1997 and started Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo and Tia Carrere.

Hailing from the barbaric land of Atlantis, Kull fights to join an elite legion for the King, but is refused admittance because his blood is not noble enough. Well, he's had enough of that! Time to swath a path of death!

And that's the plot (No, not really). In this movie you'll be able to follow Kull as he rises from a bloodthirsty mercenary to the King of all he surveys.

Kull The Conqueror is #4 on Marvel's Top 5 Greatest Barbarians, a recent countdown list that updates every Tuesday, provided by TSL.

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