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What Happened To Wally? The #8 Greatest Flash Story

Although it's a strong-standing event on its own, the proper spot for Flash's Ignition event belongs right after Blitz, and that's why it will be featured here. (And if you ever manage to read Blitz, you'll know perfectly why.) The only drawback of this saga is that it's more difficult to comprehend until you've read into the middle and later chapters.

Written in the style of a mystery origin, though, Ignition is a fantastic Flash adventure wrapped in a compelling ride of revelation. Every page takes you deeper; you'll wonder what exactly is happening and then - all of a sudden - you'll be unfolding a series of events that explains why Wally doesn't know he's The Flash!

And that's the plot: From page 1, Wally West is a mechanic, working a 9 to 5 in a city that used to be home to the scarlet speedster. More...

Item of the Day: The Flash Vol. 5: Ignition

One of the best reasons I liked the story is because of the originality nature it portrayed. Often in the superhero career, the best stories come from the beginning. For example, we really like to see how they get their powers, or when they're learning all the neat things they can do. In Flash's Ignition, that sense of newness hits you again: Wally doesn't know who he is; he has to rediscover that he's The Flash.

This is a graphic novel which encapsulates The Flash, vol. 2 issues 201-206. It's a great way to embed yourself in one of the finest stories ever put out by The Flash with one of his best writers, Geoff Johns.

Ignition ranks at #8 on The Top 10 Greatest Stories of The Flash, a weekly countdown list provided by The Superheroes List. Be sure to check in our archives for other interesting countdown lists on superheroes and villains. There's always something interesting happening here at TSL.

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