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The Flash: Rogue War; #7 of All-Time Greatest Flash Stories

With a resounding cast of characters, Rogue War charges full-force into a battle of The Flash's worst super-villains. From issue to issue, it's non-stop, building faster and faster in a way that emulates The Fastest Man Alive.

Living entirely up to its name, Rogue War starts with The Flash, vol. 2, #220 and ends with #225. From the beginning, the anticipation mounts as The Rogues, comprised on Captain Cold, The New Trickster, Boomerang, Weather Wizard and Mirror Master start their crime spree only to be challenged by the New Rogues.

Yes, that's right; formed by the original Trickster, FBI Agent James Jesse, with the magnetic Magenta, Heatwave and The Pied Piper, this group joins forces to take down Captain Cold and his gang. The next few issues are complete with extreme action and never a dull moment.

And if you enjoy lots of super-villains, this storyline and plot won't let you down. Besides the aforementioned bad guys, it gets worse and worse. More...

Item of the Day: The Flash, Vol. 7: Rogue War

Rogue War, I have to say, it one of the best Flash stories around. Not only does it manage to neatly introduce all of his best super-villains, but it also manages to weave them into the plot in a reasonable and logical way. It's not just a "throw in" of baddies; it's about bad guys mad at other bad guys. At the end of the day, I'm wondering what kind of genius this Geoffrey Johns is because--I'm telling you--he's really pulled of a heck of a story.

In this graphic novel, you'll get The Flash, vol. 2 issues #220-225 plus some extra issues which nicely lead up to this story. It's well worth the purchase, and if you're new to The Flash, one of the biggest deals here is that it does an incredible job of letting you know who each super-villain in. And if you're a Flash fanatic, by the way, you'll also get the benefit of a surprise ending.

The Top 10 Greatest Stories of The Flash is a weekly Top 10 Countdown provided by TSL. Yep, it's a free service (I just like researching superheroes and countdowns and stuff.) Anyhow, if you like superheroes and villains like I do, feel free to Check out this List!.

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