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Dr. Heny Pym and The Pym Particle


Superhero Inventor #5

~Mighty Avengers #25 (2009)

There's a rule of thumb in science, and it goes something like, "If first you fail to succeed, try, try, again." This also - by happenstance - becomes the credo of the hero, and doubly important for the inventing superhero. Can you imagine how life would be if it they quit?

Look no farther than the end of your thumb to Dr. Henry Pym, sometimes known as "Hank". Why the thumb? Well, it seems he's another scientist that figured out how to grow small. Much in the venue of DC's Atom, Pym is a scientist of great renown and the creator of the Pym Particle, which can distort dimensional physics and allow objects to increase or decrease in size.

If you want to shake Pym's hand, though, that might be a task. Sure, he's a glutton for approval, but he tends to be hard to find. In the last year, he created a "Pym Pocket" to hide his mansion and the only way to get there was to find "anchor doorways". Oh, yeah; that's another one of his tricks; he can end up anywhere on earth by linking anchors.

Don't bother asking how he got this smart. He's been doing this since his first appearance back in Tales to Astonish #27 (1961) in the story "The Man in the Ant Hill". Pym's only real problem is that his ideas, while beyond the understanding of normal men, tends to take on a life of their own. (Ask the super-villain, Ultron, whom he accidentally created. The Avengers are still dealing with that mess today.)

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