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Black Alice Loves To Steal Magic


Hahahahaahaahaa...(Insert strangled cackle here). Looks like Halloween is only 10 weeks away fellow Comic Book fans. And what are we going to do about that? Why the answer is easy. This year The Superheroes List is going to provide a countdown on The Top 10 Scary Witch Superheroes. Ugly and horrifying (don't count on it), these lurking fems represent the best DC and Marvel have to offer. Are you ready to get psyched for All Hallow's Eve? Let the incantations begin!

Superhero Witch #10

One of the younger witches lurking within the DC Universe, Lori Zechlin, happens to be one by trade and by chance. Early in her teenage story, after her mother committed suicide with pharmaceutical chemicals, she learned that she had the untamed power of Black Alice. Barely a superhero by today's standards, she's more of an anti-hero that needs direction and guidance to stay on the right side of the law.

But that's as if she cares. As Black Alice, Lori is mostly a self-serving adolescent. Originally appearing in Birds of Prey #76, Oracle and Black Canary first noticed her metahuman talents and kept her in their line-of-sight. Later, it was revealed she could steal the powers of magical heroes and villains near her; this includes figures such as the sorcery-empowered Dr. Fate and unbridled Demon, Etrigan.

Little is known of Black Alice's recent whereabouts, but she's a perfect icon of the witch on an All Hallows Eve. Dressed in black, she's a Goth from head to toe, including her overly-thickened eye shadow, and black-leather wear. The only think holding her from the higher rankings is her inability to control the powers she acquires. Either she unable or unconcerned to try.

Halloween is one of the best Holidays for comic book fans; that's when it's actually cool to dress up with a cape! To commemorate the occasion we have The Top 10 Scary Witch Superheroes, a Countdown sponsored by The Superheroes List. Spells will fly, incantations may be called, but who can blame them; it's time to be horrified and Read this List!

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