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Pantha Arrives


Watch Pantha Go...

~Pantha #2 (2012)

There's only 3 babes left for this Summer and now we're getting into some serious beauties.

With an amazing debut from one of the lesser known independent publishers, Pantha, an Egyptian Immortal Queen, barely wearing a superhero costume, was the latest to make the scene this season. The response from the public have been awesome sales and a heightening of their presence in the comic book community.

Pantha is owned by Dynamite Publications; they are also directly responsible for all the latest releases of Vampirella, the Vampire Queen. What they've learned is that it's very popular to make your superheroes female, angry, and beautiful. Open one issue and you'll see; it's a PG-13 theme, but very strong in content.

With growing popularity, people are just getting their first tastes of Pantha. Her costume is basically a two-piece swimsuit with purple leopard spots. Complimented, she has long thigh boots and gloves. Her powers? Well, although it's almost unimportant, she has incredible prowess, agility, and strength, and can turn into a deadly black panther.

Coinciding with this seasons' events in the comic book world, The Top 10 Super Babes of Summer 2012 is a countdown from The Superheroes List, updating on Wednesdays, for simple entertainment as well as informative purposes. If you want to know how some of the female characters are evolving during the hot months, Read the List.

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