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Is Starfire the New "Cosmic Barbie"?


SuperBabe #2: Starfire Goes Spacey

~Red Hood and The Outlaws #1 (2011)

To sum it up: what's got red hair, tanned, has interstellar super-powers, but has the personality of a girl's action figure?

The Answer: Starfire!

Something happened last year, and it went far beyond the scope of DC's New 52. As a matter of fact it went plumb-crazy into outer space!

For those of us familiar with her, Starfire, or Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran, originally started off with the Teen Titans. Warrior bred and born, she has always been a beauty, but deadly in skill and smart in battle.

This year, though, it's not quite the same "Princess Kori" that you've seen or were used to, especially if you've observed her as of late. In the latest versions of her adventures, seen in Red Hood and The Outlaws, she's sorta...dim. Not exactly the sharpest pencil in the drawer.

Some of it could be explained away, based on  her alien culture. She's already based on a race that is defined as having a "short attention span". Yes, that's right, she's more-than-flirty and quite the superficial girl. (That's okay, though, because Red Hood and Arsenal don't seem to mind.)

So what will you "see" from the Princess? Well, this snapshot barely begins all the well-detailed art in the series. Koriand'r is clearly one of the hottest babes in the DC Universe after all the shakeup. And don't forget, she has a sister. Can it get any better than that?

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