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Hope Summers and The Phoenix

The Top 10 Super Babes of Summer 2012

SuperBabe #4

~Excerpts from Avengers vs X-Men #8 (2012)

She's the messiah. Haven't you heard?

Perhaps she should be much higher on the list; that's quite fair because Hope Summers, a mutant capable of duplicating other mutant powers, is one of the biggest female catalysts of change for the year. The only problem - and this is a subtle issue - is that she's a junior, probably in her teens. Can we really make her a babe, per se?

 Summer 2012 is Hope's year to make the prophecy come true. It's all culminating right now in Avengers vs. X-Men, the 12-issue event series where she's preparing to absorb the power of The Phoenix. That, in itself, is blowing the lid off of Marvel Comics and causing all the heroes to panic. Marvel Comics is also enjoying the shake up and now saying that everything well be realigned, like a remaking of the world, in Marvel NOW!.

For the record, Hope is from the future; she was raised by Cable and told that one day she will save the mutant race. (Somewhere in the myriad of time-spanning probabilities, she's either the child of Cyclops or great-great grandaughter. Who really knows?)

One thing about Ms. Summers, she's not like your typical superhero. She's a slim, teenage-with-an-attitude warrior. Most of her training is with high-tech guns and armaments. At the same time, she doesn't fight for defeat, she fights to kill.

No one, except the people at Marvel, have any idea how things are going to end for Hope once her story is told. We're not even sure she'll live through the ordeal. But one thing is certain; 2012 apparently is the apocalypse and Hope will be the SuperBabe heralding it.

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