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Mister Terrific Escapes His Taxes


What Is He Doing Now?

~Mister Terrific #7 (2012)

Alright: Is he number 2 or number 3? That's a good question because DC Comics swears up and down that Michael Holt, aka Mister Terrific, is the world's 3rd smartest man. And with his natural gift of being...naturally gifted, he's certainly a brilliant inventor to boot.(You want to know the real question, though? Those folks over at DC have never officially told us who the two before Michael are; it's possibly  Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne.)

All things under consideration, what shoots Mister Terrific so far in a list of greatest superhero inventors? Well, it's not his 14 PhDs, that's for sure; that only qualifies him for serious college loan debt consolidation. But what about those incredible T-Spheres, metallic orbs that travel with him, capable of assimilating and controlling other technological components? The trademark of his heroic powers, he uses them for everything from flight to firepower.

Whatever his brainy advancements, lately Mister Terrific - as smart as he may be - has had a run in with the government; his taxes are piling up. HE OWES THE 99%! He's been AWOL from earth and could be on the run (check Earth 2, the 2012 comic book release, to find out where he went.) The whispers have been scattered and few, but we think he might be "Too Big To Fail".

If you have any sightings of Mister Terrific, please contact the IRS at 1-800-BIG-DEAL.

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