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Superhero Inventor #4: Victor Stone


Where Does He Get He Parts?

~Excerpt from Teen Titans #23 (2003)

Victor Stone; he's really managed to pull off a sweet deal. You gotta hand it to him, there's no way to not feel sorry for the young man who, caught in an explosion, had his "parts" replaced by his father and turned into a half-human, half-machine superhero named Cyborg. Victor is barely an adult, but has quietly turned his misfortune into one of brilliance and innovative engineering.

Most of the Occupy Wall Street movement gives Victor a pass and it's easy to see why. Half of Victor's fights end up with holes blown through his chest, missing legs, or a dented head. And you can't blame a guy for needing spare parts, even though he carries around his own White Noise Generator.

In truth, though, Victor's just as rich as all those other inventing superheroes. Always sporting the latest in hardware, you can be guranteed he'll have the best iPod on the market. Do you have a cell phone? Well, his is in his arm; rumors are circulating that he's hacking his phone bill and has full coverage.

Besides Cyborg's superhero life, he's usually found in one of two groups. Originally, he was a member of the Titans, with members like Nightwing and Starfire. Later, he moved into The Justice League (meaning he has Bruce Wayne funding) and has become their lead tech. (How convenient, because the JLA doesn't provide any customer support for the rest of us.) With a half a brain composed of the world's most advanced operating system, he's certain to be on the front edge for years to come.

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