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June Moon and The Enchantress


Superhero Witch: #7

~Enchantress shows Deadman how much she needs June Moon. Excerpt from Justice League Dark #4 (2012)

Sometimes you're a witch and you just don't know it. Other times, you're one and you don't want it! This is the totality of the witch-of-a-good-girl, June Moon, who shares her existence with a powerful, sometimes good, other times bad, spell-caster known as The Enchantress.

First appearing in Strange Adventures #187 (1966), June originally thought she was simply attending a costume party in a strange castle; that's where the entity "Dzamor" taught her to utter the word "Enchantress" to become one of the quintessential witches of the DC Universe. Later, we learned that June's other side was not another being, Enchantress was always a part of her.

This is worse news for June Moon, though, because she mostly doesn't want anything to do with the spellcrafter that shares her innate being. In the past, Enchantress has served the good and benevolent in the form of a supergroup known as The Shadowpact who fought magically maligned forces. Later, she would become a terrible power of her own, facing members of Justice League Dark

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