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Tony Stark, Billionaire Inventor, Wanted



Who is Tony Stark? Well if you've been hiding under a rock, you're forgiven. He's "Big Business", a Corporate Welfare Mogul who has lost, bought, and resold his holdings multiple times over. And - no wonder - he's Iron Man, the Crimson Avenger loaded down with all the latest and greatest technological gizmos of our era. Surely many of you are sickened by this inventor who owes everything he has to the middle class.

Tony Stark, CEO of Stark Resilent, Inc., is without a doubt the most treacherous hero and inventor the country has ever had to recognize during labor day. Everyone nowadays points to him as the Rich 1% and as President Obama later claimed, he was talking about Tony when he said, "You Didn't Build That!"

Remember all those years of Iron Man figurines, DVD movies, and comic books? Well don't be surprised: Stark was receiving royalties from every one of them. (Speaking of which, I'm required by law to inform you of the Amazon Iron Man Catalog featuring the IM Combo Pack w/ Digital Release. All rights reserved by T. Stark). While you were entertaining yourself with the stories of his adventures and pursuits, he was exploiting your hard labor.

So just remember, friends and countrymen, as Labor Day comes and goes, some among us are heroes of the people, but some heroes are not heroes at all. Did they get here by their own efforts? Surely not!

The Top 10 Greatest Superhero Inventors is a Countdown sponsored by The Superheroes List, giving you a look at some of the most brilliant minds, working their way with gadgets and innovations. It's also a satirical (hopefully humorous) tribute to the 2012 coming of Labor Day. If you like this kind of thing, head on over and check it out!

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