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Raven, Daughter of Trigon


Superhero Witch #8

~Raven, losing control of her emotions, from Titans #5 (2008)

We've explained that some humans are born into the powers of witchcraft and magic; their lives are a blessing and a curse, influencing actions which will eventually turn them into heroes or villains. Strange and mysterious as this lot is though, there are others whom embody the magic internally, for purposes as nefarious and benevolent as pure evil or good.

Raven, one of the earliest members of the Teen Titans, is one such female with powers of magic that make her very complicated in the heroic spectrum. Born of the breeding between a human mother and the powerful demon, Trigon, she spent most of her youth training in the dimension Azarath. Her first appearance was in DC Comics Presents #26 (1980), attempting to gather Robin, Cyborg, and the other infamous members to help her defeat him.

Technically, Raven couldn't possibly be a witch; she only fulfills that role based on her appearance, abilities, and mannerisms. Her powers are demonic in origin, with the ability to health others, teleport, and sense and influence emotions. It is important though that some instances of her story show her practicing spellcasting - usually of a darker sort - which qualifies under the black arts.

Raven's scariest fact comes from the future, one that will hopefully never happen. Born of Trigon, she is one of his "Seven Deadly Sins", and an avatar that would one day help him ravage the earth. She has rebuked him in the past, but as a entity born under evil (most believe she is "Pride"), she will forever be witch-like to others.

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