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The Top 10 Greatest Villains of Wolverine

With keen senses, an uncanny healing factor, and six, razor-sharp Adamantium claws, Wolverine has slashed his way into the top 10 most popular superheroes of the decade. He's also a close tie for first place with all the X-Men and solo movies out from the last decade. Perhaps Marvel could relax now, but no - nothing doing. On July 29, 2013, he'll come out with yet another movie, aptly named The Wolverine.

Are you waiting in anticipation for Logan's next film? If you want to keep a watch on the latest news, you can click here for the latest spotlight.

But lets assume you want to test your Wolverine knowledge. There's already a variety of top 10 villain lists covering the main characters of Weapon X across the multitudes of his adventures. So do you need another?

The answer is: Yes. In a tribute to his coming movie, let's go farther than the rest. Introducing The Top 10 Greatest Villains of Wolverine, we're going in-depth. This will not be watered down and not just a bunch of snapshots. You'll get the actual villainous characters, each with reasons and references. Maybe you'll agree, maybe you won't, but you'll read it knowing that the research was done.

And if you're looking to test the mutant against, try this Prepare For Battle matchup: Captain America vs. Wolverine. America's Super-Soldier pits his powers and Weapon X in a showdown where you are called on to vote. Scenarios are displayed to test your opinion and the results are revealed.

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