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Satana, Marvel's Daughter of Hell


Superhero Witch #6

~Thunderbolts #169 (2012)

Of Hellish power and origin, notoriously spurned from the demonic heritage of the Marvel Universe, one such femalee has appeared in the dark circles of magic over the years, casting spells and successfully fulfilling the role of witch for many decades. Not too nice, she's mostly a bad guy, but every now and then does something right. This devilish daughter is Satana.

Satana is the sister to Daimon Hellstrom who is known as the Son of Satan...which, probably makes her the Devil's Daughter? (Although they both tend to be stuck with that title of named evil, the demon believed to be their father is now explained to be Marduk Kurios.) Both are mothered by a human, Victoria Wingate, who became maddened when she learned their true heritage, but they rarely associate or work together. In most cases, they shun the others company.

Among spellcasters, Satana is all things witch-ful and macabre. She also happens to be a succubus, known to draw the life's essence from those who receive her unholy kiss. Among her typical practices, she's inscribing circles, studying spell-books, and doing the otherwise horrible things, smiling the whole time. Last check, she has been assigned to the Thunderbolts program, an initiative that allows former criminals to fight on the side of good. It's been a rocky road for her, but things seem to be going for the best.

Satana's first appearance was in Vampire Tales #2 (1973).

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