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Where in the World is Traci 13?


Superhero Witch #9

~Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint #1 (2011)

Are you familiar with the term Homo Magi? That's the rare individual born with magical ability. In DC Comics, it's extremely similar to a mutation and only a handful of notable individuals have so far been recognized.

Meet Traci 13. Originally she was known as Traci Thirteen (big difference). And, not surprisingly, she's the daughter of noted parapsychologist, Doctor Thirteen. With the big chances in DC, she's been increasingly involved in the magical problems of the universe, but has remained near the bottom of the heap when you compare her to the big-name spellcasters.

It might be because Traci is a teenager. This, once again, seems to be the most defining characteristic of witches in their youth: fiery, short temper, a sort of anti-hero philosophy, and a willingness to cross the line to suit their purpose. Traci's first appearance, though, was in Superman #189 (2003), where she helped him survive a magical encounter.

It's hard to tell where Traci 13 is going to show up nowadays. Although she was working with the Teen Titans for awhile, there's been no trace of her lately. Still, the question is not "if", but "when" she'll return. Since her 2003 initial showing, she's had increasing promise, even integral during the Flashpoint event.

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