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Luke Cage Quits Avengers!


Power Man No More

~New Avengers #30 (2012)

In a stunning revelation shocking the public and the superhero community, Luke Cage, the indestructibly skinned man from Harlem, formerly called Power Man, has left The Avengers.

"He's quitting", said Daredevil, a close source to Cage, "and it's a family matter. We need to give him space."

Until recently, Mr. Cage had been one of the front men of a team coined "The New Avengers"; technically, they are an affiliate of the core group, but equally as prominent. The announcement comes off the heels of an attack by The Purifiers, a mutant hate group that routed a truck holding Emma Frost, the former member of the Phoenix Five, and gifted mutant psychic.

There's no telling where Luke will show up now. For more information, check New Avengers #30 (2012).

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