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Domino and Longshot


Chronal Power #8: Unconscious Future Manipulation

It's obviously interesting, and sometimes useful, to be active witness of your past and future; you can be an active participant in adventures before they occur (or reoccur) and make the information work for the present. But what can you really do about it? What "chance" do you have altering a timeline when you're mostly an observer? That's almost like being a prisoner to fate.

The answer to this dilemma is Unconscious Future Manipulation. This can also be called probability control, the ability to change your luck. Possibly another chronal-anomalous power, there are a lot of things going on in the background which link this to a form of time control.

Right: Domino, from AvX: Vs #6 (2012)

Although it could technically be done in a number of ways (such as through magic) Unconscious Future Manipulation has been located in two mutants, Domino and Longshot, which suggests a psychic mutation capable of duplicating the effect. Based on research and some speculation, the explanation is that these two superheroes are unconsciously looking into the future (precognition or clairvoyance), and then causing random, also unconscious, telekinetic acts that benefit them during activation.

Domino, also known as Neena Thurman, is basically as lucky as you can get for a mutant. Her powers activate during stressful situations such as fighting, arguing, and pain elevation levels. According to reports, the occurances are localized to her line of sight, suggesting that the future observation is only visual.

Left: Longshot, the mutant who creates luck, but only if doing good things.

Longshot, on the other hand, is technically an engineered slave from Mojoverse, an alternate dimension. His powers are part of his genetic makeup, also psychic in nature, pushing him into the mutant category. According to his origin, the luck-manipulating power he has only works when he is doing something benevolent and innocent. If he were to turn evil, he'd be powerless.

Unconscious Future Manipulation is not directly a step up from Temporal Consciousness, but it deserves a higher spot on the list because of the indirect intervention with the near future.

Chronologically correct and temporally precise, this is The Top 10 Temporal Super Powers, a Countdown of Time-Wielding Abilities and Characters provided by The Superheroes List provided every Wednesday for the 2013 New Year. (And no, Father Time is not a superhero.) Want to read more? It's about TIME! Read the List!

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