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Thor and Deadpool vs. Godzilla


Is This A Team-Up?

~Marvel NOW! lastest release, Deadpool #1 (2012)

Wade Wilson is back and he's part of the Marvel NOW! revolution.

After concluding his adventures from Deadpool #63 (2012) in October, Wade's been given his latest comeback, self-titled "Deadpool". Previously, he had been fighting an evil clone of himself; the twisted duplicate had formed from left-over parts of Wade, attempting to kill him for revenge (well, no one really ever knew why, but we think it was revenge). In Deadpool #1, we're not really sure what happened, and to commemorate the plot, Marvel simply started a new one.

But it's a funny one. In the scenes above, a gigantic, green lizard terrorizes the city and the Asgardian, Thor and Deadpool are on the scene.

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