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Meet The All-New X-Men


Mutants Are Now The Enemy

~Magik, Cyclops and Magneto, from Avx: Consequences #5 (2012)

After the conclusion of the 5-part AvX: Consequenses series, we've learned that Cyclops is now going to be a super-villain. (At least for awhile.)

From AvX: Consequences #5, Scott Summers orchestrated a jailbreak and is now the bad guy; it was done through an alliance with Magneto and Magik. The escape, though, is only the beginning. After nearly destroying the earth in the Avengers vs. X-Men event, and subsequently killing Professor X, he's been more of a political figure, even a terrorist to some degree, to the world populace.

It's all going to unfold during the Marvel NOW! event and the release of All-New X-Men #1. Now the leader of wanted, mutant criminals, he's part of a true revolution that will redefine mutants forever.

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