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Throne of Atlantis Reading Order


It's Not Safe To Go Into The Water!

Atlantis vs. The Justice League. Aquaman vs. Ocean Master. The sea-dwelling kingdom leads an attack on the surface world! All this, with the writing of Geoff Johns and art of Ivan Reis and Joe Prado culimate in the DC mini-crossover called Throne of Atlantis. The prelude for this event released November 28, 2012, and it will be continuing through February 2013.

Throne of Atlantis is considered one of the important story arcs leading up to Trinity War, the major DC event for 2013.

What You'll Find Here
Welcome aboard, mateys! This is a Reading Order and Summary Page for the Throne of Atlantis event. Here, we'll be displaying a list of the titles, background details, and information that may be useful and you collect the issues and enjoy it for yourself. And if you have any comments or questions, feel free to ask them below.
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Throne of Atlantis Reading List: Chronology
FINAL Update: 03/06/2013

Throne of Atlantis: Prelude
001 Aquaman #14 (November)

Throne of Atlantis: Main Story
002 Justice League #15 (Part 1)
003 Aquaman #15 (Part II)

004 Justice League #16 (Part III)
005 Aquaman #16 (Part IV)

006 Justice League #17 (Part V)

007 Aquaman #17 (Epilogue)

Update Notes
Additional Information For This Event

Disclaimer: The event has concluded. The Reading Order is now final. 

03/14/2013 - Closing down this list now that the event is over.
03/07/2013 - I'm about to close down this page, just waiting to review some issues ahead of schedule and determine there's nothing more needed in this crossover.

02/27/2013 - The final issues of the event have released and are implemented.
02/14/2013 - No releases this week.
02/06/2013 - No releases this week.
01/30/2013 - Updated the Reading Order with Aquaman #16 today.
01/23/2013 - Justice League #16 released today.
01/16/2012 - No releases this week, but I updated anyway, just to let followers know.
12/26/2012 - Established the two issues this week into the Reading Order.
12/19/2012 - No releases this week. I'm updating this page every week to make sure readers are informed.
11/29/2012 - Established the Reading Order and Summary Page. Added Release List, Order, and prelude summary.

Throne of Atlantis: Detailed Notes
Issue Summaries of The Event

The following summaries are descriptions of the titles, including spoilers. These are provided below the Reading List so you can avoid them if you wish.

Above: Arthur meets with his brother, the king, looking for answers. Excerpt Aquaman #14 (2013).

001 Aquaman #14 (The official prelude to the Throne of Atlantis event. Beginning in Amnesty Bay, Maine, Arthur uses his aquatic telepathy to summon his brother, the current ruler and king of Atlantis, for a meeting. Once together, he reveals that Black Manta has been stealing the powerful Atlantean relics for some purpose and fears that whoever is doing so may be preparing an attack on the surface world. The king rebuffs Aquaman, though, and states he has no desire to assault the surface-dwellers. After some underwater politics and history are exchanged, the two separate and Arthur has no answers. A second, brief part of the issue shows Vulko, who has lived above water for some time, over the body of an Atlantean. He fears something has gone wrong in the kingdom and dives into the water. Elsewhere, Black Manta is at Belle Reeve. It turns out that Amanda Waller seeks to enlist him into her Suicide Squad for underwater missions. At the interview, though, he becomes violent, overpowers his guard, and emphatically states that he will only die for Aquaman, giving us a glimpse into the level of determination in this super-villain. By the end of the issue, someone is near the depths of The Trench with the scepter of the dead king and unleashes it's power, reopening the crevice, and unleashing the hungry, man-eating sea-creatures to fed.

The Main Event
002 Justice League #15 (Starts the story after the events in Aquaman #14. Beginning in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean, the USS MABUS has a corrupted missile testing which inadvertently goes off below the sea levels; we recognize that it hits the hidden city of Atlantis. Cyborg is notified that the carrier is missing while in the Watchtower and contacts Batman. Almost at the same time, Aquaman and Mera appear in Gotham and he discusses the strange behavior of the fish. The issue cuts to Superman and Wonder Woman, basically on a date in Metropolis as Clark Kent and Diana Prince, when the lights go. Tidal Waves hit and they fly to save the city. During the rescue, they encounter the Atlantean, Vulko, who passes out, but says he needs to meet with King Arthur. Meanwhile, Cyborg transmits to Batman that Metropolis and Boston have been hit by a tidal wave and Gotham City is next. Arthur immediately recognizes the danger: this is an Atlantean War Plan and attack is imminent!)
003 Aquaman #15 (Continues from Justice League #15, a very short period later. As the issue opens, Gotham City is hit by the aforementioned tidal wave. Arthur and Mera, still present, attempt to save as many Gothamites as possible. Batman moves Aquaman in the Batwing to the next city to help more people and questions the Atlantean's motives. Arthur explains some of his history and adamantly denies that they are his people. Suddenly, the Batwing is downed by an explosion. Batman and Arthur escape, but Arthur tells him that the Atlanteans are specifically targeting the Dark Knight as part of the war plans. In Metropolis, Superman and Wonder Woman examine Vulko, he awakens and throws a fit, but Wonder Woman puts him at bay. All parties end up at the Watchtower and Aquaman explains how the Atlanteans, led by his brother, Orm, are reacting. They tell him Orm needs to be brought in. Soon later in Boston, Orm appears looking for his brother, Aquaman appears, trying to reason with him but Orm has none of it. Finally having enough, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman appear and tell Arthur their bringing him in. Unfortunately, Arthur won't allow it and grabs Batman.)
004 Justice League #16 (Continues immediately from Aquaman #15. With Vulko in The Watchtower explaining things, Cyborg locates Dr. Shin and sends a Boom Tube down to the surface to extract him. Immediately, though, Atlantean units appear and attack, fearing Shin may know how to defend against their strategies. Elsewhere, Aquaman attempts to keep the sides from battle, but is unsuccessful. Batman, then Wonder Woman, engages. Orm rebuffs their attempts and calls the Atlantean Armada out of the water. It's war now! Back at The Watchtower, Cyborg manages to get Shin after defending against their assassination attempt. He calls on his father at STAR labs, who is working with Dr. T.O. Morrow. Morrow is ready to bring his weather controlling tech robot online and Silas is asked to upgrade his son's cybernetics. Cyborg, however, has an additional mandate: he is calling in new Justice League members! As the battle between Orm and the original members subside, Orm has used his trident and crown to suck them all into the ocean!)
005 Aquaman #16 (Continues from Justice League #16, after a brief period. At STAR Labs, Victor is now undergoing the removal of his lungs. Elsewhere in Boston, the newest members to the JL are on duty and fighting down the Atlantean Troops. Orm is now setting charges and preparing to blow the surface area. Meanwhile, the main part of the story is occurring down in the mid-Atlantic Ocean, in The Trench. The Main League members are entombed down there, waiting to be eaten alive. Aquaman races down there and with Batman's aid, finds that the Sceptre controlled by Orm should be able to control the mutant race. Ironically, though, this is not the sceptre in Orm's hands. Vulko has it. At the end, Cyborg leads Mera down to Aquaman's location and they fight the remaining Trench-dwellwers. The rest, however, have been led to the surface world, where Vulko has them attack!)
006 Justice League #17 (Continuing very closely from Aquaman #16. Now realizing Vulko is behind the staging of the war, The Justice League, Arthur leading, attempts to route and convince Oceanmaster of the trickery. Arthur confronts his brother, but Orm believes none of it until he is thoroughly beaten by the hero known as Aquaman. Finally down, he yields, giving Arthur the throne of Atlantis.Vulko is located, but by now it doesn't matter; this, too, was all of his plan. He willfully hands the ancient Sceptre to Arthur, who then commands the creatures of the Trench to retreat. The battle over, Arthur now prepares to be king while Orm sits in prison at Belle Reve. And lastly, as all this occurs, the last page snaps to Amanda Waller, looking through photos of criminals, saying a new team is needed.)
007 Aquaman #17 (The Epilogue of Throne of Atlantis. As the war had wound down, someone is scavenging the ocean floor for Atlantean weapons and selling them globally. Arthur and his Atlantean team try to stop them. Waller, later, has a conversation with Arthur; it's clear she's trying to size him up and learn things, but he remains an enigma. As he leaves, she gives orders to bring Mera is now before it's too later. Aquaman heads to the waters below, releasing a full wave of aquatic telepathy to let the ocean-dwellers know their king has returned. Deep within the Antartica, though, one mysterious-shrouded figure appears to disagree.)

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The Trench
Need To Catch Up?

For those of you just getting into the Throne of Atlantis event, you might find yourself wondering about some of the past events.

The Complete Aquaman Catalog (Amazon)

The trench is opens up the brand-new vision of Aquaman with his own series from 2011 and The DC New 52. Sea Creatures have emerged from the depths of Atlantic to spill forth and fed upon the denizens of the surface world. Arthur and Mera start searching for clues and unlock the secrets of The Trench in this mystery.

This collects Aquaman #1-6 with writer Geoff Johns and artists Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.

One of the most spectacular returns of all, Arthur has returned with his wife, Mera, and been vitalized as a character surpassing the Aquaman stereotyping and stigma of before. From the beginning, Johns addresses the role of the hero beyond some simple, underwater, breathing, fish-talking, 3rd-rater. As the story progresses, we learn that he is warrior born and bred, a survivor, and an in-depth character that will draw fans for years.

Release List
What You'll Need

Throne of Atlantis is classified as a Mini-Crossover, meaning there should be less than 10 issues associated with the event. Regardless, it's story arc is broad and will have a large impact on Atlantean politics.

Within the scope of the story arc, we have these issues currently listed below. If any additional titles become affiliated, they will be added when they appear.

Aquaman #14-17
Justice League #14-17

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