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Is Cheetah Working with the Legion of Doom?


A Nefarious Alliance Revealed!

~Cheetah, from Justice League #14 (2013)

Something sinister is about to happen at Belle Reve, and it appears to be the Legion of Doom.

This story comes from the pages of Justice League #13-14, where Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League are taking out Cheetah, her one-time friend named Barbara Minerva. After tracking her down and learning the secret of her powers, she's been imprisoned in a special cell for an undefined period.

But apparently that's what Cheetah wants. The JL should have checked her for bugs because Cheetah is now in direct communication with other super-villains. Black Manta is one of her confirmed allies, and with those two on the roster the likelihood is that we'll be seeing the Legion of Doom in the near future.

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