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Team 7 Is In The House!


...They're Just Not Sure Where They're Going.

~Bronson Attempts To Control His Suit, excerpt from Team 7 #2 (2013)

The best of the best. A group of extraordinary men and women brought together in crisis, specialists outfitted with the latest advancements a superpower can afford.

The race to establish the dominance over super-powered people has begun; Team 7 is the American response towards that solution. Currently, there mission is to infiltrate Facility 9 - a special prison for metahumans - and bring it back under control.

Team 7 is John Lynch, Dinah Drake, Kurt Lance, Alex Fairchild, Slade Wilson, James Bronson, Cole Cash, Dean Higgens, Summer Ramos, and Amanda Waller. And if you're looking for a clash of egos and unique individuals with major personality flaws, you came to the right place.

Are heroes and villains smart? Naw. #SuperFunnies updates every week (usually Thursday) on The Superheroes List. Here are the bloopers, flip-flops, and all-together moments of levity during exchanges of humor and snapshots of utterly ridiculous decisions in comic books.

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