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Timeslip and Blindfold


Chronal Power #9: Temporal Consciousness

~Blindfold, from X-Men Legacy #231 (2010)

We've seen that the initial abilities to work with time are sometimes anomalous - meaning they don't always necessarily control chronology or alter the continuum. And more definitively, we've also delved into the those precognitive heroes that observe the future without actually being there. But now we're taking a deeper step into the temporal levels of power. This particular item on the list represents those superheroes, the ones that operate on multiple levels of the same time.

Coined Temporal Consciousness, you'll find few good guys have the ability. In truth, this is a power that few would want; it's confusing and often as misleading and troublesome as it is clarifying. Those who fall under this phenomena carry similar traits: they talk in the past or future tense, even during the present, and they interact in the present as if they are in the past or future.The truth of feat is that this is what they are doing; superheroes with this power are operating in the past, present, and future at the same time.

It almost makes the brain explode. Or melt. To have this level of mental functioning means you're not simply observing event future (precognitive) or past (retrocognitive) events. You are there, living them at all times.

Right: Timeslip uses her power to exchange her consciousness with her future self. Except from New Warriors #75 (1996).

There are two noted heroes with Temporal Consciousness both happen to be mutants. And if you know of more, please be sure to speak up:

Blindfold, is the name of  Ruth Aldine, and she first appears in Astonishing X-Men #7 (2005). Born without eyes, her consciousness constantly shifts through the timeline and includes some psychic ability to read thoughts and astrally project. As a side effect of her temporal power, she also appears immune to reality shifts that would alter timelines.

Timeslip, aka Rina Patel, is actually one of the older temporal mutants. First appearing in New Warriors #59 (1995), she originally had no idea what was going on because she was operating in her future. Not necessarily psionic, she also had limited time traveling ability and some ability to slow time.

Chronologically correct and temporally precise, this is The Top 10 Temporal Super Powers, a Countdown of Time-Wielding Abilities and Characters provided by The Superheroes List provided every Wednesday for the 2013 New Year. (And no, Father Time is not a superhero.) Want to read more? It's about TIME! Read the List!

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