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Chips off the Old Block! The #3 Greatest Barbarians

Yes, there's two!

Fairly new to the barbarian scene, and by new we mean only recent in the last couple of years, Marvel Comics has decided to show us what would happen if The Hulk, an already naturally-inclined skull-smasher, was born of a different time or age. The results? Well, we have two, namely Skaar and Lyra.

Skaar, the seed of a union between Hulk and an extraterrestrial named Caiera, was born on the planet Sakaar, spawned from a cocoon. His was a ravaged tale of conquest or revolution; with the power to draw his strength and power from the entire planet, this devastating behemoth was beset with the choice of saving his home or destroying it. And if you're curious which he chose, well, Skaar is now on Earth, his sole quest is now to defeat his father, The Incredible Hulk, in battle and kill him.

Lyra, however, is a very unique story that involves the future timeline of an alternate earth. In this cornucopia of plots and elements, her birth is the result of a genetic breeding of Hulk and Thundra DNA. More...

Item of the Day: Hulk: Fall of the Hulks- The Savage She-Hulks (Incredible Hulk)

If you want to see some She-Hulk style action, then a great comic book would be this one, which gives you more Hulks than you could ever ask. Red Hulks, Green Hulks, Women Hulks, it's all there.

And now it's an all-out war; some have special missions, others just want to SMASH!

Collects Fall of the Hulks: The Savage She-Hulks #1-3 and material from Incredible Hulk #600-605.

Marvel's Top 5 Greatest Barbarians is a countdown list provided by The Superheroes List, coinciding with the release of the upcoming Conan movie. (Yeah, just wanted to give you something else to enjoy while we wait.)

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