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DC Haunted #7: John Constantine

Under the guise of Hellblazer, John Constantine has to be one of the most tormented souls of all DC creation. It might be surprising to say this because there's nothing truly unique about this British born man with average to low skills in sorcery and demonic summoning. The problem is, he really makes those creatures of the infernal pits go mad.

So mad, that Hell had plans for John's soul; he was, and technically still is, a doomed man. (Over the course of his adventures, he learned this through the encounters of any number of ghosts and wrestless spirits, telling him how dire his existence would be when his mortal frame expires.) Read More...

Recommended Reading: John Constantine, Hellblazer: Pandemonium

In this story, John get's tasked by British Intelligence to determine a mystical connection to events in Iraq. He then goes in and things turn quite magical and heavily bent on damnation. In the end, the main culprit is a babylonian god, looking to get some exercise from all the death and violence. What will attract readers to this book is that it adheres to a strong, angular, interesting moral compass that's drawn fans to Constantine in the past.

Released in 2010, this book turned out to be really successful because it integrated a unique character into the current event of Operation: Freedom and the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars. Putting a twist like this on it, made it ring closer to home.

John Constantine is #7 on The Top 12 DC Spirits of Halloween, a weekly countdown from The Superheroes List. If you like comic books, superheroes and villains, and reading orders, check out the list!

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