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Villainous Moments: Face The Joker

Last week, DC Comics released their first main batch of #1's; among them, the well-anticipated Detective Comics #1. Let this horrible visage, steeped in torn flesh and wrinkles, stand as a welcome mat, (re) introducing one of Gotham City's worst killers, The Joker.

As I turned the first page of the issue, Batman was already appearing from rooftop to dusk-laden rooftop, searching for the madman, only to find the deviant naked, slashing away at a foe wearing a cap of stitched skin. Eventually, you can surmise, that the fiend was captured, ending up in Arkham Asylum.

But what you don't know, if you haven't read this latest release, is that The Joker wanted to be captured; he was enthralled that The Dark Knight beat him to a bruised pulp.

Above, the face you see on the wall is...or was...The Joker's. Once he was placed in the halls of that infamous insane institution, a mysterious figure stepped from the shadows; Joker called him "Dollmaker". And then, with deft movements of surgical precision, he tore Joker's face from his skull.

Villainous Movements is a new feature from The Superheroes List with the design towards spotlighting the most heinous, insidious, and outright evil moments in comics.

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