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Marvel Monster #6: Tigra

The world of horror has always been riddled with secret and supernatural races living among the human population; although they've done this for a myriad of purposes, the usual goal has been to eventually subvert, or feed, off of them like cattle. And often, this is how you found out about vampires, werewolves, and, oh yes, the cat people.

Of the unique consequences of this cat-centric theme is the origin of Marvel's most feline and feral superheroes: Tigra. With an feline, savage appearance, she fulfills a spooky role in The Avengers, plying supple feats of agility with mostly human intelligence. At the same time, she's something you'd expect to see in monster movie.

Originally, Tigra was known as Greer Grant,

Recommended: Marvel Legends Nemesis Build-A-Figure Tigra

You might wonder about Tigra and her importance to the superhero genre; of all past indications, her adventures seem to generate more readers when she's part of a team-up or supergroup. To that end, she's been an Avenger for the majority of her existence, and seems to be serving as "eye candy". Due to this fractional demographic, it's usually difficult to find collector's items featuring this feline lady.

This Hasbro Action Figure is on of the "Marvel Legends" lines, of which you can find quite a few rare characters. And in this case, they immortalized Tigra in their Nemesis - Build A Figure Collection. So what you'll get is Tigra at 6" height and another part of a larger villainous character. If you manage to acquire the entire set, you'll have the entire super-villain, which is a bonus. I recommend this mostly for collectors and not for younger kids below 4 years of age. (There are small parts).

Tigra is #6 on The Top 10 Marvel Monsters of Halloween, a countdown of spooky superhero creatures provided by The Superheroes List. If you want a taste of the macabre, it's on right now: Check out the List!

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