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Raven, The #9 Haunted Spirit of DC Comics

One of the first things that may confuse a casual observer about Raven, the only name she had ever been given ("Rachel Roth" was just recently adopted), is her appearance. She looks like a normal, comely teenager with black hair and an affinity for dark clothes. She seems normal as well, speaking fairly calm and controlled. She even gets in relationships, breakups, and arguments you'd associate with a typical human girl.

But she's not typical; haunting is a more appropriate word. "Cursed" could also be used; it all changes once she loses control. The product of a human mother and demon father, Raven was originally raised in a dimension called Azarath and taught to gain mastery over her emotions or suffer the consequences. Her destiny is clear; control your tainted soul or you will be overwhelmed with the demonic spirit raging inside.

Ever since her first appearance in DC Comics Presents #29 (October 1980), more...

Related Recommendation: DC Universe Classics Raven Figure

Released by Mattel, this is a complete, fully-posed Raven figure and one of a huge line of the "DC Classics Universe". Some of the other products available are Kyle Rayner, Donna Troy, Martian Manhunter, Joker (All-Star Version), and The Spectre. Checking out the link here because there's numerous choices, making a great part of your collection.

Part of the DC Universe Classics Line, Raven is one of many figures that scale approximately 6" and has 23 points of articulation. It is not the White version of Raven, and the hood does not come off to reveal her face. Great collector's item and you can also follow the link to find more of the other superheroes involved in the line. You can also complete the entire Teen Titan's set.

Raven of the Titans is #9 on The Top 12 DC Spirits of Halloween, a countdown list provided by The Superheroes List. If you're in a haunted mood and want to enjoy some spirit-ual, superhero fun, Check out the List!

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