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Man-Thing: Marvel Halloween Monster #7

Through a combination of science and the terrible interaction of the powerful, mystical force known as The Nexus of Realities, Ted Sallis fell into the category of a creature of immense power, yet terrible curse, known as The Man-Thing (from Savage Tales #1, 1971). His failing was the experimentation over the super-soldier serum he tried to recreate; when his enemies learned of his secret research in the everglades, they burned him and his shack to the ground.

Somehow though, Ted survived, rising from the swamp. In the advent of his horrible death, the plant-like terror that rose in his was nothing human. (Later we would learn that Man-Thing is a unique creature known as a Vogornius Koth.) Coined as The Man-Thing, Read More...

Recommended Reading: Essential Man-Thing, Vol. 1

The "Essential" series is the best way to get acquainted with some of those rare, less known, comic book characters. In this volume, you'll get a whole host of Man-Thing's strangeness, linked to the swamps and the Nexus of Realities. If you like other weirdness, Man-Thing has never failed to deliver. You'll also be witness to characters like Howard The Duck, Damian Hellstrom, and more. It's really a classic and a true mix of superhero horror!

This volume is the first known compendium of Man-Thing's basic stories. It shows off all the ones that explained what he was about, and collects Savage Tales #1; Astonishing Tales #12-13; Adv Into Fear #10-19; Man-Thing #1-14; GS Man-Thing #1-2; Monsters Unleashed #5, 8-9.

Man-Thing is one of the most interesting superheroes of all time, listed as #7 in The Top 10 Marvel Monsters of Halloween. There's just something spookey about the guy. If you're a fan of Halloween and like the monster crossover, check out this list, provided by TSL.

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