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Villainous Moments #2: The Jackal

From Amazing Spider-Man #668Miles Warren, The Jackal, is cunningly diabolical with ruthless evil.

The Jackal also happens to be one of Spider-Man's greatest super-villains, and now you're going to learn why. In this story, Jackal has infected the entire city of Manhattan (Spider-Island) with mutated bed bugs, giving everyone Spider-Man's powers. You'd think that it's a cool thing to be able to cling to walls and shoot sticky strands.

But it's going to get worse; recently we've learned that all those people are going to mutant.

And that's how far the Jackal is going to go, just to destroy Spider-Man.

Villainous Moments is a feature from The Superheroes List, updated every week, representing some of the best acts of evil. Did your super-villain steal candy from a baby? Did he knock over a flower plant? Who knows, maybe he'll be next week's candidate. Until then, Check out the List!

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