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Marvel Monster #4: The Beast

Few of the superheroes of today are born with their abilities. Most often they come to their great powers by accident, technology, or skill. And everyone once in awhile, with the change to a heroic life also comes the drawback of a curse that won't go away.

Such is life of Hank McCoy, a respected intellectual of biochemistry and genetic research. Although Hank was born mostly human looking, he hands and feet carried some aberrant traits. Basically, he was a mutant and they were over-sized, the condition giving him great agility and strength. Still, though, this allowed him to pass for human as he was recruited into The X-Men (Uncanny X-Men vol.1, #1, 1963). Read More...

Recommended: The Beast Collectible Action Figure

One of the original X-Men, The Beast started off as a normal-looking, somewhat over-sized fellow until he mutated into the blue-furred creature we know of today. Here, we have Uncanny X-Men Toy Line produced in 1993-94, which showcased Beast and many of his other mutants. This is a collectible item.

The Beast here is part of the X-Men 5 inches tall action figure line and comes with an Official Marvel Universe Trading Card. Made by the company, Toy Biz, it is no longer in production.

The Beast is #4 on The Top 10 Marvel Monsters of Halloween, a countdown provided by The Superheroes List. Halloween and Superheroes go together real well; Check out the List!

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