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Marvel Monster #5: Sasquatch

In the past, the world has whispered of him, a legendary beast that walked upright like a man, but fully a creature of the wild. His most notorious trait was that he left behind a huge footprint, embedded in the mud. The humans called him Bigfoot; in the Himalayas, his nickname was the Abominable Snowman. And if you're Native American, you reverently spoke of him as Sasquatch.

...And somehow, in the hierarchy of unexplained phenomena, Marvel Universe turned this mythical being into a superhero, possessing a young scientist, Walter Langkowski, with the powers of one of the legendary beasts. In his early years, Walter thought it was the result of his gamma radiation experiment near the Arctic Circle and the Aurora Borealis effect that caused his condition. What really happened was that his work tore a rift into the realm of The Great Beasts, allowing his body to become a host of the entity, Tanaraq. Read More...

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If you want to join in on the fun collecting of Comic Book Action Figures, you can pick up this really awesome edition of two of Alpha Flights members, Sasquatch and Shaman. Their biggest contribution to the comic book universe is their participation in the Canadian super-group, Alpha Flight. As the mystical beast, Dr. Walter Langkowski assumes the role of muscle and intimidating monster.

Sasquatch comes in as a 6" figure while Shaman is 5". Both of these form part of the Alpha Flight collection which is composed of Vindicator, Northstar, Aurora, Shaman, Puck, Sasquatch and Snowbird. Ideally, this is good for all ages. If you're 5, you can play; if you're 45, you can watch them grow in value as part of your collection.

Sasquatch is #5 on The Top 10 Marvel Monsters of Halloween, a weekly countdown list provided by The Superheroes List. If you like superheroes and Halloween, Check out the List!

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