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Avenger #9: Quicksilver

Never taking a major role among Earth's Mightiest Heroes, one man, a mutant gifted with the ability to move at blinding speeds, has spent a majority of his career with the supergroup and been a constant presence throughout the Avenger's franchise. His name: Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver, an imposing, silver-haired mutant, and he was added to their roster in Avengers #16 (1965).

Pietro's adventure wasn't always one of a hero...and this is well-known to Avenger's fans; with his twin sister, Wanda (aka The Scarlet Witch), the misguided souls were tricked into joining The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, a team organized by Magneto back in X-Men #4 (1964). Coupled with his super-fast running, their mission was to raise mutants to superiority over the human race. This ended very quickly, though, when the two showed less than villainous motives.

Quicksilver has had on and off relationships with The Avengers, but over time he has been recognized as a presence that consistently returns to their ranks of membership. Not only is he one of their earliest members, but he is their trademark speedster. He has also embarked on numerous appearances with other heroes such as Spider-Man and The X-Men, but always winds up back at Avengers Mansion. (Partly because his sister also played a major role in the group.)

Currently, Pietro has slowed down and is now working side by side with Dr. Hank Pym, another member of the supergroup. He can be seen teaching these young students in the Marvel comic book series Avengers Academy.

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