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Avengers #6: Hawkeye

~Excerpt from Hawkeye: Blindspot #1 (2011)

Over the course of Avenger History, the team has had a multitude of members with gracious amounts of power. From time to time, this has included members of omega-level potential (The Hulk and Sentry, for example, are considered extreme-powered threats). Surprisingly, though, one member who has showed the highest level of presence and malleability is Hawkeye AKA Clint Barton, and guess what? He's not superhuman at all.

Technically having no powers of his own, Clint is an expert marksman and highly trained with the bow, his trademark weapon in the field which he wields with deadly precision. As Hawkeye, he first appeared in Tales of Suspense #57 (1964), but joined the team in Avengers #16, a newly adopted member at the same time as The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver (Together, they comprise the "Second Wave" of Avengers).

Clint Barton, though, is a cut above almost any Avenger; he seems to be a part of that metaphysical glue holding them together. He's also served in different guises for different reasons: For awhile, he became Goliath (Avengers #63, 1969) with the help of Dr. Henry Pym; later, he would adopt the mysterious mantle of Ronin (New Avengers #26 (2007), using all the weapons of previous Avengers in his adventures. At one point in his career, with the help of his (now ex) wife Mockingbird, he led the West Coast Avengers. (Edit Note: It's also worth noting that Clint likes to flirt and date the ladies of the team, too.)

If we know one thing about Clint, he'll forever be representation of those heroes arriving when the cry of "Avengers Assemble!" is uttered. His sharp wit and quick draw has led him to be an iconic foundation that the supergroup cannot do without.

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